About The Artist - Deb Jones

Born in Manchester in 1967, Deb Jones has maintained her passion for animals and creativity. Having completed a B'Ed in Design Technology, she taught art and design for a number of years, whilst maintaining her own drawing portfolio.

Her empathy for the animal kingdom also overlapped into the caring profession and she is also a trained mental health nurse. 

"Using the creative arts as an outlet to promote and maintain mental health, has been a valuable tool - for my own self expression and that of the people I interact with".

Deb now works closely with charity organisations to help raise funds, donating 20% from commission and print work to them.

"I'm what you would term an "Empath Artist" - I aim to capture not only the likeness of the animal but also the character."

I feel it is important that when you see your portrait not only can you recognise your animal but also "feel the connection" of their character and personality.

"I also specialise in "Over the Rainbow bridge" portraits, helping you to connect with animals that have passed and bringing comfort in seeing their image immortalised for years to come."

You can find me on Twitter - thetravellinga2 as well as on Facebook - The Travelling Artist.

I can be contacted directly on 07845 904004 as well as by email - [email protected]

Please leave your details and I will contact you at a time convenient to us both, to fully discuss your design needs.


I am always happy to work in collaboration with other companies and look forward to connecting and working with you in the future!



Why Commission me?

I aim to capture the "Essence" of your animal's character. So when you look at your picture you are seeing your animal alive in it.

I am creating an heirloom for you to share, so I want to create realism in the portrait.

I work in a sensitive but detailed manner, with pastel chalks and pencils, building layers of colour up, so your final portrait looks solid and 3D. I only use the best materials.

I want your ultimate satisfaction, so I work very closely with you to ensure quality and value.

I offer FREE Consultation on the initial ideas and draft stage, taking deposit on an agreed composition, with the balance on completion.

I am passionate about drawing animals and art!

  •  Tailor-made to suit you.
  •  Affordable quality
  •  Attention to detail
  •  Customer satisfaction
  • Realism


please enquire for personalised quotes.